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19 Jun 2013 coolangatta 0 Comment

Save money and reduce climate change

When you cut your greenhouse gas emissions by saving energy, you’ll also save money on energy bills.
An average Australian household generates about 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas each year. Each tonne
of greenhouse gas avoided will save between $130 and $470 depending on the type of energy used
(exact savings will depend on the price you pay for each type of energy).


1. When choosing a home location, consider the time and cost of travel from there to work, school,
shops and leisure activities.
2. Switch to green power. It is likely that most of the electricity you use comes from non-renewable
sources like coal. However, there are some utilities that will sell you climate-friendly electricity like
wind, biomass, or solar if you ask for it.
3. When replacing an electric hot water service install a high efficiency gas or solar unit.
4. Water conservation – Take shorter showers and use a water efficient shower head.
5. Install a rainwater tank.
6. Use bio degradable detergents and products.
7. Compost the garden.
8. Have a worm farm.
9. Wash your clothes with cold water. If you usually use hot water for your laundry you can cut
your energy consumption in half by choosing warm water, and up to ninety percent if you choose
10. Use solar power – dry your clothes on the clothes line outside, not in a dryer.
11. Recycle and use recycled products. Products made from recycled paper, glass, metal and plastic
reduce carbon emissions because they use less energy to manufacture than products made from
completely new materials. Recycling paper also saves trees and lets them continue to reduce
climate change naturally as they remain in the forest, where they remove carbon from the
12. Act globally, eat local fresh products. If you shop at a supermarket, the food you buy may
travel in a plane from the other side of the world, burning fossil fuels the entire trip. Shop at a local
farmers’ markets and you will find fresh and healthy food, and help save our climate.
13. When building, renovating, renting or buying a home, aim for high energy-efficiency and install
energy-efficient appliances with low standby power usage and lighting.
14. Energy efficiency – Switch off your second fridge or appliances except when they are really
15. Turn down the heat and air conditioning when you aren’t home.
16. Warm up your home with insulation. Make your home more comfortable by insulating draught-
sealing and shading windows in summer.
17. Change your home’s air filters. Conserve energy by doing some basic home maintenance like
replacing air filters and insulating your heating ducts.
18. Make the switch to compact florescent bulbs. Replace five most-used light fixtures with
EnergyStar rated compact fluorescent and save. CFL’s are widely available, affordable, and they
last ten times longer than traditional bulbs.

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