Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Program

In the current edition of the Tweed Link (dated 8 April) the Tweed Shire Council has announced that it is preparing a policy for a new Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Program. Recent changes to the NSW Swimming Pool Act introduced requirements for new mandatory swimming pool barrier inspection programs in each local government area.

Council is inviting feedback on the draft policy for all interested stakeholders and members of the community. The draft policy outlines Council’s preferred option for inspections, following consultation with the community. For those of you who reside locally you can visit the Council offices at Tumbulgum Road, Murwillumbah or Brett Street, Tweed Heads. For those who cannot make it to Council, or investors living away from the area, visit the council website at: tweed.nsw.gov.au/SwimmingPools.

The policy will be on exhibition until Friday, 9 May 2014 and public submissions must be received by close of business on Tuesday, 20 May 2014. Submissions may be made to tsc@tweed.nsw.gov.au .

Under the NSW Swimming Pool Act all pools were to be registered with the NSW Government prior to October 2013. Once registered owners are required to have the pool inspected, and a compliant pool certificate issued by Council, prior to any lease being signed by a tenant, or the sale of the home. The deadline for obtaining a certificate was April 2014 but NSW Government recently extended this deadline to April 2015.

For more information about the NSW Swimming Pool Act click HERE.

To visit the Tweed Shire Council’s website click HERE.

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