Market Update – December 2014

The market continues to be quite buoyant with our office experiencing strong trading months from July this year.

The majority of sales in November were of units occurring in the range of $350,000 to $570,000.  Purchaser enquiry has been somewhat erratic with some properties attracting numerous inspections at our “open homes” whilst others are generating less enquiry.

There seemed to be less enquiry for homes during November.

The market generally is quite strong leading up to the Christmas break and it is a good time to market your property.  This is the period when personnel transfer around the country in preparation for starting the New Year with a new job.

If you are considering putting your property on the market you should consider your objectives prior to doing so.

Whilst each and every one of us has a different list there are a few common objectives:

  • To achieve the best possible price;
  • To suit a timeframe;
  • To keep inconvenience to a minimum;
  • To make the process as stress free as possible.

Selling your home is 80% planning and 20% doing.

Preparation is the key, so if you are considering a sale now, or in 2015, please contact our office and ask for the “Pathway to Selling Your Home” booklet.  Alternatively you can visit our website: and download a copy.  The booklet is a practical guide to help you navigate through the selling process.


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